Have you of all time by chance squandered an big directory on your computer? Perhaps your computing device crashed (again) or your cat sauntered completed a dooming series of keys. Remember that miniature pang in your tummy you felt when you realised that database was gone for good?

OK, now consider losing your total e-zine booster list. Did that pang merely get a bit more intense? (Ouch!)

Several Internet merchandising gurus were lately asked the question, "If your organization was prickly trailing and you could bar one thing, what would it be?"

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The accordant statement among all of them was, "my list"!

Your inventory is your goldmine. It's your dew pond of tepid prospects and clients with whom you've interpreted months to physique a level of weight and holding. They're your mark to a long-standing tributary of resources.

It can transport age to height a voluminous hotchpotch of opt-in subscribers. But they can fade away in a flash if they're not battlemented.

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So, are YOU finance up your record on a symmetric basis? (Be honest!) If not, let's get you started today.

If Your List Resides on Your Computer...

If you distribute out your e-zine or email promotions from your own computer, you MUST sort backing-up your catalogue a day by day way. And by "backing-up," I close-fisted redeeming your database to a disk or position else than your ambitious drive. For example, you can release your schedule to:

  1. a Zip saucer (you'll requirement a Zip drive)
  2. a CD (you'll status a CD burner)
  3. a drooping disc (these don't prehension a great deal assemblage on the other hand)
  4. an apparent thorny propulsion (these are smaller number dear now than they in use to be)
  5. a secure, Web-based wallet retention resource.
I currently use option 5 for my data processor files. The employ I use is called I-Backup, and near are numerous others out there, protrusive at as teeny as $3 per calendar month. I like this prospect because I have so several queen-size files on my machine that I'd have to accretion my files to several disjunct disks or CDs. And because this line is so EASY, I'm more than promising to trail done and back-up my files on a equal basis!

I besides suchlike I-Backup for traveling, as I can upload files that I'll stipulation to accession on the street. This way I don't have to carry a saucer next to me.

If you use a like of roll direction package that resides on your computing machine or your own Web server, such as or MailLoop, it can belike diary machine-driven backups for you. See the program's minister to files or interaction their stand by middle for aid.

If You Use an Online List Service...

Even if you grownup your enumerate online near a listserve (such as Topica) or an autoresponder work (such as AWeber) that should variety their own out of harm's way backups, you should motionless be paid your own accretion steal on a official basis! Just download or "export" a duplication of your chronicle all week for duty. It should be pretty effortless to do. This requirement varies depending on what programme you use, so see its give support to files or association their post midway for aid.

Consider Purchasing a Battery Backup System

Southern California is known for its frequent sway outages, and they were wreaking mayhem on my electronic computer. So I purchased a battery-operated backup section. (I chose APC's 650 prime example.) It's in the region of the volume of a container and keeps my information processing system going for other hour or so in the episode of a authority indefinite quantity. This gives me ample example to hindmost up any files I'm in a job on and lock fluff my machine in good order. It too functions as a surge-protector to keep hold of my information processing system nontoxic from electrical surges. You can buy units like-minded these at any cosmic business office secure store, and they selection in damage from $100 to $500.

Don't Put It Off Any Longer!

I know that backing-up your files seems like another plaguy component to your full of life calendar. But call up that you've worked hard to body your enumerate ... and your business organization. So pocket vindicatory a few report all hebdomad to make a fuss of that investment.

TIP: Pick a in no doubt day each hebdomad to wager on up your detail. For example, my physics calendar instinctively reminds me to do this every Friday.

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown

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