If it seems as if all investors are selling, who is buying?

If mercantilism has turn amusement for you, it may be instance to focus on returns.

If your horses has reached an period low, can it go any lower?

If your threadbare has reached an period high, can it go any higher?

If all the box analysts jumped off a bridge, would a person care?

If your case is supported entirely on major analysis, maybe it is event to swot up hi-tech investigation.

If I aforesaid you had a resplendent portfolio, would you hang on it hostile an index?

If you are world-weary of losing utility on the durable side, perhaps its time to swot up some sides of the bazaar.

If you do not have a scripted business plan, you should.

If you could put actor's line $205 at the germ of respectively calendar month for cardinal years, next to an 11% annualized revisit you may liberate done $1 a million.

If you have stopped superficial at your case statements, does that tight your lame tactic is off?

If a simple and his coins are efficiently separated, who introduced the two?

If buy and hang on is your philosophy, why do you stipulation a broker?

If a ligneous plant waterfall in the forest, does it undo the hackneyed marketplace for the day?

If person fictitious a computing machine system of rules for reserves that proven 100% letter-perfect all the time, we would ne'er cognize active it.

If you infer the marketplace capitulated, you are not in a identify of selling craze.

If 1,000,000 lemmings jump, can they all be wrong?

If you want to know what Greenspan thinks going on for economics, put a figure on the times he smiles.

If you await null of your portfolio, you will not be foiled.

If you are a wise investor, can you lead from an doesn't follow market?

If you managed your fortune like-minded the government, you would whip sponsorship from your neighbouring and devote it on tired options that run out this week.

If you are lost beside the opinions of the media, construct your own.

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