One of the recent fads is to hunting for keywords and niches based on an R/S Ratio. The 'R' is the numeral of websites saved beside that keyword as reported by a turn out engine flush (the deliver), and the 'S' is the figure of searches on that keyword (the demand).

Here is How This Works

In vision come to rest the cipher of searches would be 100,000 and the number of websites would be 1 (your website), following in an R/S quantitative relation of .00001.

In reality, the amount of found websites is more or less 1,000,000 and the number of searches is 10,000, sequent in an R/S magnitude relation of 100.

Theoretically, the demean the quantitative relation the better, which is why numerous marketers advise that low R/S ratios be searched for and after targeted. Keywords near giant R/S ratios are on the double throwaway.

Why the R/S Ratio is Meaningless

Theoretically, the quantitative relation works, but now let us get support to the authentic global. If you are ignoring keywords or niches near elevated ratios you are missing highly productive markets.

The number of websites reportable as the 'supply' is ordinarily insignificant. This is why the quantitative relation does not trade if it is based on the digit of information processing system generated results. So Google says it found 10,000,000 other than websites next to your keyword. Hope is not straying. You are not competing against 10 a million websites. Hardly any of the websites will have anything to do with your point of reference souk.

Compare the following:

Example 1

Search results - 100,000
Searches - 10,000
R/S Ratio - 10

Example 2

Search grades - 5,000,000
Searches - 100,000
R/S Ratio - 50

Which section is possibly more profitable?

You have no way of knowing! If you unthinkingly backfire to believe Example 2 in your mercantilism pains because it has a noticeably highly developed magnitude relation you may have ready-made the flawed mind and abandoned 100,000 future patrons.

You have need of to in truth review the websites listed in the poke about grades to see what convenience they clutches. This is of value. The 'supply' tenderloin of the mathematical statement that desires to be evaluated is not the figure of websites containing your keyword, but the cipher of websites that are actual competitors.

If the top websites are bighearted away your intelligence for free, suchlike management sites, after maybe it is instance to insight a disparate keyword to point of reference.

But much predictable you will see individual a few, or possibly a few xii websites that in actuality impart expressive jovial or products that put yourself forward against you. Instead of a rational 5,000,000 websites, in reality here may individual be 50 - or less.

The R/S quantitative relation investigating is also largely lone grievous for automatic check out engine results. Through pay-per-click programs you can step your website to the top of the hunt engine results page, and your fight for PPC keywords will be even smaller number. Sometimes it will be extinct.

You too inevitability to summon up that a big R/S quantitative relation in Google may not be utmost in Yahoo, 7Search, or another flush engine. Similarly, keywords for which bidding contest is violent on Google may be unfastened in Overture.

As a result, do not be sudden to disrepute an total keyword activity due to your first assessment that the keyword has a hideous secure and pressure ratio. Dig a itsy-bitsy. Review the effective force out motor results and act as a upcoming punter to recovered weigh up what the sincere gala is. Compare opposing poke about engines, and appraise not like PPC programs. This additional challenge will habitually uncover paid markets that your competitors, exploitation a imperfect analysis, will forgetfulness.

Copyright 2004 Brian Kindsvater

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