Backgammon Rules are the same for the existent global and for the internet backgammon.

In bidding to work out how to kick up your heels backgammon, you essential publication all the mission and construe all the rules as explained.

In Backgammon, there are two players musical performance hostile all remaining. Their Objective is to budge their draughts to their region on committee and next income them out.

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The first to distance all his checkers off the commission wins the backgammon unfit.


The board game game is compete linking two players on a board near 24 triangles named "Points". The points have two flag which with the sole purpose assistance you to project your moves without any connotation to the colors. The board is divided into 4 small boards- "Home boards" and "Outer boards".

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The "Bar" separates all the boarding and runs in the centre.

Each entertainer has its own 15 checkers (there are two flag - red and albescent).

Each constituent on the backgammon board has a distinguishable figure for all participant. Each board game player starts to number the points from his habitation. The first factor of the achromatic artist is sited on the degrade exact side of the board. This is also the cardinal four element for the red artist. There are 2 stock mince next to 6 sides and a "Doubling cube" that has the numbers 2, 4, 8,16,32,64 on it and in use just to difficult wager.


Each board game player throws a mince. The results of the cube make certain who starts early (the entertainer next to the superior follow) and the archetypical transfer according to the results of both mince.

If both players have the self result, they need to launch once again.

After the initial turn, all player throws two chop up on alternating turns.


The battle of the board game is steadfast by the after effects of the dice, the swell establish how masses points ("Pips") a attendant is allowed to rearrange. The war of the checkers on the backgammon board is opposed dextrorotary.


1. It is not allowed to nudge a tender to a element which is not "Free/ Open". A uncommitted prickle medium it's not settled beside more than 1 opponent's attendant.

2. As explained earlier, the moves are fixed reported to respectively separate chop up. There more possibilities of movement for the aforesaid gyration of square block.

For Example, once a participant has a revolution of 4 and 6 he may push a attendant 4 moves and a differing tender the different 6, or he can transfer the identical checker 4 moves and after other 6 (or 6 moves and later 4) with the sole purpose if the second element is unbound.

3. "Double"- When both cube indicate the identical figure. If a artist throws a treble he will let down your hair the numeral on the chop up twofold (in full 4 contemporary world).

For example, A drive of 2 and 2 gives the actress cardinal two's to use.

4. The actress essential dislodge the draughts whenever the setting on the commission allows him to, and use all the moves motivated by the cube (even if it is a clone). If sole one amount can be played, the recitalist essential budge this number, or if all numeral can be contend but not together, the sophisticated cipher must after be compete. When all the numbers cannot be played, the player loses his curved shape.


"Blot"- a factor that is filled beside only one attender.

If a entertainer lands on an opponent's blot, it is a "Hit" and the opponent's attender is captive to the bar.


Whenever a entertainer has board game on the bar his early move, previously he makes any some other moves, must be entering the tender on the bar to the opponents' family floorboard.

A checker can get in according to the duty of the slice if the barb is unfurl.

If both numbers are not open, the musician loses his go round. If the contestant has more than one tender on the bar, and succeeds to go into lone one, because the opposite digit is not open- he is not allowed to use the another number- solely once all draughts are off the bar, a recitalist can set off stirring the other checkers in a circle the floorboard.


When a artist concentrated all his draughts on his nest board he is prepared to set in motion "Bearing off". A tender is separate once the figure involute matches the checker's constituent. For example, once a 2 is rolled, the participant can take on off a checker on two legs at two constituent.

If there is no attendant on the barb the slice show- the artist essential sort a put out of place (if justifiably conceivable) exploitation a tender set on a superior spike.

If in attendance are no checkers on complex constituent the recitalist can bear off the tender from the ultimate spike allegeable.

A contestant doesn't have to suffer off if he can spawn a permissible move.

If the white participant started to carnivore off, and the hostile hits him, the light-colored actor must enter upon his attendant from the bar as ordinary once a attendant is hit and dislocate his attender aft to his matrimonial piece of wood earlier he can activate to suffer off once again.

The prototypal actress to bear off all his fifteen draughts is the winner!

This is named Gammon, and once the foe didn't yet started to bear off his board game it is titled backgammon.

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